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Back in Two thousand and great I had this crazy want; it isn’t a need. I want to have 4 or 5 well-written blogs. And I want to write all of ‘em. I’m well on my way there, too. But should I?

Two of my blogs now have a Page Rank of 4. W00t. I’m impressed with myself. But that isn’t all one should aim for, right? I blog because I like writing and because I’m fond of ideas, especially my own. Being included in international blog roles also help the old ego. Erm, the ideas. Well, I get these ideas when I’m reading others’ blog posts; I get them when I eat my All Bran Flakes in the morning; and I get them when I walk to work in the morning. They come easily most of the time. And then I want to share ‘em with the wwworld.

But how many blogs should one have? I have been reading Law and Letters for some time. Belle’s writing is … better than mine will ever be. And she manages to have a multi-discipline blog, so why can’t I, too? I have been thinking of combining all my interests — there are many, reader — into one blog. I would write about race, feminism, grammar, the digital life, economics and politics. In one blog. Is that too much? And hey, let’s not forget fashion theory. Just to shake things up a bit. Just to show my frivolous-cum-vulgar side. Oh, and ‘cum’ does have the same pronunciation as that-word-which-we-do-not-use-in-polite-company.

Sure, I can use Twitter to tweet my thoughts. It’s a great thing, this Twitter. But I think I’m renewing my love relationship with blogging during this Two thousand and fine. And I’ll consider having only two blogs instead of the five I had planned during the last few hours of Two thousand and great ;)

Happy Two thousand and fine!

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Written by Joy-Mari Cloete

January 1st, 2009 at 2:50 pm

2 Responses to 'I want to write too many blogs'

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Joy-Mari. You should write about whatever you want, unless you are truly doing a non-personal, special-interest blog. And even on those, the most interesting bloggers inject a healthy dose of themselves on the blog. They never surrender their academic credibility, because the authors are themselves the best types of academics: specialists, yes, but ceaselessly curious about everything else, as good academics are. So my favorite blogs are Tim Burke’s, The Edge of the American West, Crooked Timber, Scatterplot and OrgTheory. They represent the fullness of the authors, even when it’s a group blog where a lot of voices could get lost.

    And I think you write wonderfully! I think you should write on all the topics you mention–they’re super interesting. I love fashion theory (and I shop at Old Navy, btw)!

    You should join Twitter too, and then we can be twitter friends.

    belle lettre

    1 Jan 09 at 9:11 pm

  2. Hi, Belle.

    Great to see you on here! I’m following you on Twitter. Perhaps I’ll diversify this blog a bit. You’ve made me curious about academia; perhaps I should consider that route when I’m a grownup ;)

    And thanks for mentioning those blogs. I read a research paper that Omar Lizardo from Orgtheory referenced and I’m sure I’ll find many more to read later tonight.


    Joy-Mari Cloete

    2 Jan 09 at 7:19 pm

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